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Meet Alyson

Do you relate to that feeling of landing a ‘dream job’ only to realize you were chasing someone else’s dream? … and now you’re having that out of body experience wondering how the heck you got there?

I SEE you friend! That was me until 2020 rolled in and brought our world as we knew it to a halt!

What if settling wasn’t an option?

March 2020 started, what would turn out to be, an 8-month furlough from my corporate job. I was unwillingly forced to take a giant step back from my ‘dream job’ but through the struggle something beautiful happened. I realized… this lifestyle wasn’t serving me anymore and the personal development junkie in me welcomed (with ample of amounts of hesitation) the ping from the universe to try something new.

I started a podcast (I knew nothing about podcasting – like… it had never crossed my mind that I would ‘need a microphone to podcast’ type of …knew nothing about podcasting) and set out on a mission to help other millennials navigating transitional seasons in life…. because surely, I wasn’t the only millennial who felt…

  • Confused and unfulfilled
  • Too comfortable where I was but terrified to try something out of my comfort zone
  • Like I was the only one who couldn’t figure it out
  • Like I made a mistake with my career and lost so much time I would never get back
  • Like my siblings, friends, co-workers, were all somehow more successful…

In the last 2 years - I’ve tried, failed and occasionally succeeded. I’ve climbed the proverbial mountain and cried in the valleys while I’ve tried to figure out what’s next. Turns out - I had the power to change my life buried deep within me the whole time but I needed a guide (a coach! or 3...) to help me see that.

I’ve learned the jump isn’t as scary as we convince ourselves it is, mindset matters, micro-traumas from childhood follow us until we confront them, we are resilient beings (we just don’t practice using our resilience muscle enough), and that truthfully, we are always living in some state of transition - which is why building your tool kit for navigating transitions is so important to thriving!

Now… I worry less, I cheer for others & I see opportunity instead of road blocks ….

When you’re able to ditch the narratives that don’t serve you, you empower yourself to step into a your most aligned identity and that’s where the true magic and a meaningful life lives!

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