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My programs are designed to move you from feeling paralyzed to confidently operating from a place of meaningful action.

Ways to create together

Do you relate to the feeling of watching your life from the sidelines? 

My signature programs will put you back in the driver’s seat of life. Each program is carefully crafted to prepare you to take the first step, to reignite that passionate fire within you (…likely buried under years of broken societal conditioning), and empower you to kickstart, align, and expand your life in infinite ways!

Here's how i can help:

Align & Expand Coaching

Elevate Your Plan Roadmap Intensive

Speaking Opportunities

This program is for you if you are looking for personalized one-on-one support. If you’re ready to go deep but are seeking a guide to walk alongside you through the messy middle - you are ready to heal your past AND transform your future in powerful ways - then you’re in the right place!

This program is for you if you’re not ready or looking for a fully personalized coaching series but are seeking one-on-one support to take the first step and create your roadmap to a more aligned, expansive, and meaningful life. 

I speak on navigating the messy middle, how your story becomes your superpower, and holistic wellness - advocacy & empowerment.

Align & Expand Coaching

My signature 3-month | 6-session program will prepare you to confidently take control of your inner narrative that’s been subconsciously running the show up until now. Do you feel like you aren’t thriving in the messy middle of a life transition? Are you feeling called to energetically connect with your inner wisdom so that you can start to live a meaningful life on your terms? 

the millennial committed to doing the inner work in order to create a life they are fully obsessed with

who this is for..


$1,222 USD or 3 payments of $385

Elevate your plan roadmap intensive

My 2-hour intensive is designed to prepare you to take action. Can you relate to feeling paralyzed with anxiety/fear while you have a million anxious thoughts racing through your mind and you know you have a million and ten things you could be doing and YET you continue scrolling Instagram because you’re exhausted, burnt out, and lacking motivation to take action? If you’re nodding your head thinking ‘how did she know that?!’ – then this roadmap intensive is designed for you!

the millennial that needs support and accountability to take the first step

who this is for..


$222 USD

Speaking Opportunities

I speak on navigating the messy middle, how your story becomes your superpower, and holistic wellness - advocacy & empowerment.

Podcasting has taught me the power behind conversation & connection. Let’s start, continue, or expand the conversation around navigating the messy middle, how your unique story is your superpower, or holistic wellness advocacy & empowerment.

Virtual or In-Person Conferences

who this is for..