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Full transparency – some of these are affiliate links which means that I do get a small commission when you use the links below! But know that you’ll never find a link to a product that I don’t use every week! It’s so important to me that these products totally represent me and my mission and I hope you love them as much as I do!

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gut personal

Personalized Gut Health Support! But don’t just take what I take – take the quiz to get a personalized recommendation! You can also DM @gut.personal on instagram to chat with Lead Dietician (and former Pod Guest!) Jillian Smith who can help navigate which protocol is best for you! My personal fav is ‘The Defender’ - immunity support!

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My favorite way to stay connected! I slide into your inbox only when something important pops up that I would hate for you to miss out on and Flodesk makes that so easy!

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For my fellow podcasters – Buzzsprout is my go-to hosting platform. & if you sign up using my link below, you'll get a $20 Amazon gift card! 

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Dubsado is my one stop shop for managing my coaching business! I loved that the free trial allowed me to build up to 3 full client profiles to make sure it really worked for me before I made the commitment!

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In this space, we celebrate the messy middle in transition seasons, we engage in inclusive & diverse conversations about the stuff we (as a generation) were conditioned not to talk about, and we honor our truth through openly sharing what’s on our mind even if that’s an unpopular opinion or two!

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